Men and Women Eyelash Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi India

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Eyelash hair transplants is a relatively new procedure that originally was used to treat areas of the eyelid that have no eyelashes due to genetics, alopecia, or trauma such as that from cancer surgery or burns. Recently, however, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has been using the procedure to thicken and enhance the appearance of the eyelashes, in individuals who already have eyelashes.

The donor hairs come from the scalp which, when become eyelashes, continue to grow for a lifetime and therefore need to be trimmed typically once a month. To provide a natural appearance, the hairs are transplanted one a time. This is a very delicate procedure, requiring perfect placement of these hairs that are angled at just the right direction and position to mimic natural growth.

In addition to eyelash transplants, Dr. Kashyap has extensive experience and expertise in eyebrow transplants, performing more than 80 of these procedures annually. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, MD, FACS has performed many successful eyelash transplantations on both men and women. He has dealt with eyelash hair loss which has resulted for varying reasons.

The specifics of your procedure can be discussed with Dr. Kashyap. The doctor and his office staff are available to answer all your questions, and to make your hair restoration experience a comfortable and safe one. To learn more, click here, or, contact Dr. Kashyap here.

Get more details about eyelash transplant and how is it performed as far as incisions, anesthesia, cost and other technical details. How long does an eyelash transplant take to perform? Call or Whatsapp for: +91-9818369662, 9958221983/81/82 and visit:


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